Finished Object: Tulip Baby Sweater

This sweater is the last in the series for a friend’s baby. Bootees, hat with ears, crocheted blanket, and, finally, Tulips.

Tulip baby sweater

Brown and green match the chosen theme colors. I made the 12-month size, hoping for a good fit this winter.

The yarn is 75% acrylic/25% wool, so it took some direction during blocking and should be fine in the washer/dryer.

I hope they both enjoy it!

While at the store to pick out baby sweater yarn, I was mesmerized by some MadelineTosh DK in Filigree. An intriguing combination of mostly yellow-green, with teal and golden accents. I left it on the shelf that day, knowing that I was knitting on a deadline and it would be hard to resist. But, now, it’s on the needles for… honey cowl number three!

The lull between body and sleeves

Must-Have Cardigan is now in the time between from when the body is cast off and the sleeves are yet to be cast on.

It is a precarious time.

It is when it says, “does this sweater even need sleeves? maybe it’s a vest…” (but, yes, it does need sleeves.)

It also says, “maybe it is the wrong size” (but, there is still blocking, so anything is possible).

It feels as though it’s almost done, but there are another 100 rows to knit and more than 50% of the yarn awaits.

I think I’ll weave in the ends first.