Yarn over, do-over

The Summer Solstice shawl has been bound off, ends woven in, and blocked.

The beads are beautiful; the right amount of weight and shimmer for the edge. The shape of the lace and the gauge is also pleasing.

It all has potential.

Concerned about yardage, I had cast on one less repeat in width. But, with beads instead of nupps, there was plenty (20%) remaining. And, the fit is off because of it.

Destined to start over, I am waiting a week before ripping out. With each passing day, I become more sure that a rip-out, re-do is the right choice.

Mystery Shawl – Part 1

Mystery shawl - part 1

I’m caught up with part one!

The stitches are moving faster now that I’m used to the pattern. Center decreases, yarn overs, and nupps. I’m working my version with the three-stitch nupps. If I can just figure out the nupps without turning the work, this project will really fly…

(This is the farthest I’ve ever gotten through this skein of seasilk. I hope it’s a good indication that a project will actually be completed from it!)

ETA: Now that I’ve seen others’ progress, I don’t know if I should try the nupps with a crochet hook or frog and start over with beads.

Mystery Shawl Swatch

Mystery shawl swatchHere’s the swatch for the mystery shawl. I’m using size 3s, which seems to be working out. I wonder why the cast-on edge uses two sizes larger?

I cast on, and am running a little behind everyone else. I have about two charted rows finished, with each row taking 1.5-2 hours. But it’s getting faster as I get used to the pattern. Guess we’ll change charts just when it gets comfortable! That’s perfect, then, to keep things interesting.

Summer Solstice Mystery

Four years ago I purchased some Handmaiden Sea Silk. This was a classic case of buying yarn without a project in mind.

I have since started four scarf-type projects, each only to be frogged before too long.

This month, I will try again. With the “Wendy Knits” Summer Solstice mystery knit-along. I’m not promising anyone anything, but I have downloaded the preliminary information and located my 420 yards of fingering weight. We’ll see what happens!