Interchangeable Experiment – Part 1

Control Variables
Pattern: Honeycowl, cast on 180 stitches
Yarn: Manos del Uruguay Maxima

Independent Variable
Needles: HiyaHiya sharps, size 5, 32 inch length

The HiyaHiyas are light weight. I like the short tips. And the swivel cord keeps anything from getting tangled. The points were sharp enough to easily grab each stitch, but not too sharp to split the singles or hurt my index finger as I pushed on it to move the piece along. My test set didn’t come with needle grips to aid in tightening, but the tips never separated from the cords during knitting.

The cord itself was very flexible. It had a little bit of memory when it came out of the package, but after one project it’s no longer noticeable. And, I think the swivel helps a lot. The swivel action isn’t completely smooth, but I think it would wear in after some use.

The joins disappear. The work moved from cord to needle to the next needle effortlessly.

Next test will be on the Addi Click Lace Short Tips.