Chullo Cast On

I’ve been slowly planning a multi-color hat for my Dad. I knew that I wanted to use Cascade Eco, but didn’t know how I could collect as many different skeins as colors that I wanted to use.

Of course, the solution was to purchase a natural color and dye it!


There was still some Kool-aid from when I dyed my first handspun, so I only had to pick up a few extra flavors. I used Knitty’s article as a guide. I loved the look of the ice blue raspberry lemonade and was glad when I found some at my local grocery.


Ice blue raspberry lemonade, black cherry, peach mango, grape, lemon lime.

These will work great for the project. I think I also need a sixth color, but haven’t found a good choice with enough contrast. I may use white as the last color.

Finished Object: All Ears Hat

I love how the Must-Have Cardigan and all of its cables is turning out, but stockinette stitch is great for some instant gratification.

This All Ears hat is for an upcoming baby whose colors will be brown and green.

My size 5 needle is occupied with Must-Have (and I didn’t have my ChaioGoo when this was cast on), so I tried this one on size 4s. My gauge matches, but I knew that the fabric was turning out a little dense. Casting on 80 also seemed to make a larger size that I intended, but after three false starts I decided to see it through.

A quick knit with cute results.