Made to Measure – 6244 spotting

I love my sewing machine. But, I also love to knit while watching TV. I’ve slowly been making my way through all of the episodes of Midsomer Murder that Netflix has.


While recently catching an episode called “Made to Measure,” it seemed like each character in the village featured a sewing machine in their home. And in one, there was one that looked just like mine!

Winding a Bobbin

A dear colleague asked to borrow a bobbin this week. I knew we had similar machines, so I recorded a quick video to go with it as a reference. Here you can a see a little bit of my beloved 6244 (along with the green tape I’m currently using as a quarter-inch guide!).

By making this video I learned a lot. I haven’t used the thread guide post during winding (only the tension disc). I will now! And, I found that my manual has different instructions for raising the bobbin thread (the video features how my grandma taught me on this machine). I’ll try it with those instructions next (with the slide plate closed)!