Must-Have Sleeves

Now that the majority of the baby knitting is caught up, I returned to the Must-Have Cardigan. I was happy to discover that what had felt like a black hole of cables and increases was left at a great stopping place and there were only 40 rows and binding off remaining.

I worry that this sweater needs precise length on the sleeves, so they won’t have to be rolled up. I didn’t knit the entire recommended length, but we’ll have to wait and see if it works.

Super Alpaca

Leftover from a photo shoot, I am a very fortunate recipient of alpaca fiber. Three examples were provided. The first is a super super bulky with some extra twist.

My swatch used up the entire 55 yards._DSC0227

If I can figure out a good backing and filling, it will used as a throw pillow.

The other two alpaca examples including roving and nearly 8 oz of locks. I’m hoping to spin the roving, even with my limited experience, into enough for a hat. I don’t have any carders, so I’ll have to consider the possibilities for processing the rest.

Finished Object: Honey Cowl III (Just Right)

Honey cowl the first, a little too small, was cast on with 160 stitches.

Honey cowl the second, a little too long, was cast on with 200 stitches.

This one was cast on with 180 stitches.


Just right.

And the MadelineTosh in Filigree is beautiful. It’s 90 degrees outside, but I may need to wear it anyway.

Edited to add photo with alternate lighting.

Finished Object: Tulip Baby Sweater

This sweater is the last in the series for a friend’s baby. Bootees, hat with ears, crocheted blanket, and, finally, Tulips.

Tulip baby sweater

Brown and green match the chosen theme colors. I made the 12-month size, hoping for a good fit this winter.

The yarn is 75% acrylic/25% wool, so it took some direction during blocking and should be fine in the washer/dryer.

I hope they both enjoy it!

While at the store to pick out baby sweater yarn, I was mesmerized by some MadelineTosh DK in Filigree. An intriguing combination of mostly yellow-green, with teal and golden accents. I left it on the shelf that day, knowing that I was knitting on a deadline and it would be hard to resist. But, now, it’s on the needles for… honey cowl number three!