Buttons to Pendants

At STITCHES West in February, I purchased two beautiful glass buttons from Mingo and Asho. I was looking for a smaller pendant than the one I had found the previous year which, while gorgeous, can feel heavy after wearing for several hours. They suggested that I convert some of the buttons. With some glue-on bails and E6000, I was able to do just that, to spectacular results.



Pineapple Wave Quilt

The idea for the pineapple wave quilt has been percolating for a while. On average, I’ll think about a project for two or three years before beginning.

In January 2011, I started working out the math, made sketches, and purchased fabric.

Design Plan Fabric

The bases for the pineapples have now been assembled. The next step is to start cutting for the Dresden Plate tops.

Finished Object: All Ears Hat

I love how the Must-Have Cardigan and all of its cables is turning out, but stockinette stitch is great for some instant gratification.

This All Ears hat is for an upcoming baby whose colors will be brown and green.

My size 5 needle is occupied with Must-Have (and I didn’t have my ChaioGoo when this was cast on), so I tried this one on size 4s. My gauge matches, but I knew that the fabric was turning out a little dense. Casting on 80 also seemed to make a larger size that I intended, but after three false starts I decided to see it through.

A quick knit with cute results.

Work Week

In response to “Bring back the 40-hour work week: 150 years of research proves that long hours at work kill profits, productivity and employees” http://www.salon.com/2012/03/14/bring_back_the_40_hour_work_week/

This article is interesting, but it builds a divide between the worker and the boss, suggesting that if supervisors—and the supervisors’ supervisors—wouldn’t demand the extra work, then we wouldn’t have a problem. But what we really need is to change the entire working culture in the U.S.

The population in general is eating lunch at their desks, connecting their personal smart phones to work email servers, and losing vacation time because they are at their maximum accrual limit.

We feel that we have to do it to keep up with everyone else who does. We’ll all have to decide together to make it change.