To the brim

I was thrilled when I heard that my sister-in-law wanted a knit hat for her birthday. Even with the party a week away, I knew it would be enough timeā€”hats are quick. I immediately departed to my favorite LYS and acquired an alpaca/wool blend in a neutral tone. Six and a half days later, it was wrapped and ready.

The Cabled Chapeau features a brim that posed some doubt during construction, but that worked out in the end.



The lull between body and sleeves

Must-Have Cardigan is now in the time between from when the body is cast off and the sleeves are yet to be cast on.

It is a precarious time.

It is when it says, “does this sweater even need sleeves? maybe it’s a vest…” (but, yes, it does need sleeves.)

It also says, “maybe it is the wrong size” (but, there is still blocking, so anything is possible).

It feels as though it’s almost done, but there are another 100 rows to knit and more than 50% of the yarn awaits.

I think I’ll weave in the ends first.