Two by two, hat of blue


I loved making the hats for Dave and Dude for the holidays. Every time I tried them on for sizing, I admired the fit and feel. So, I picked up another skein of Vintage and cast on. This time, running a little bit longer so I could fold up the cuff for a double layer over my ears. A quick knit that’s functional and warm, and machine washable. Love it!

Chullo Cast On

I’ve been slowly planning a multi-color hat for my Dad. I knew that I wanted to use Cascade Eco, but didn’t know how I could collect as many different skeins as colors that I wanted to use.

Of course, the solution was to purchase a natural color and dye it!


There was still some Kool-aid from when I dyed my first handspun, so I only had to pick up a few extra flavors. I used Knitty’s article as a guide. I loved the look of the ice blue raspberry lemonade and was glad when I found some at my local grocery.


Ice blue raspberry lemonade, black cherry, peach mango, grape, lemon lime.

These will work great for the project. I think I also need a sixth color, but haven’t found a good choice with enough contrast. I may use white as the last color.

Yarn over, do-over

The Summer Solstice shawl has been bound off, ends woven in, and blocked.

The beads are beautiful; the right amount of weight and shimmer for the edge. The shape of the lace and the gauge is also pleasing.

It all has potential.

Concerned about yardage, I had cast on one less repeat in width. But, with beads instead of nupps, there was plenty (20%) remaining. And, the fit is off because of it.

Destined to start over, I am waiting a week before ripping out. With each passing day, I become more sure that a rip-out, re-do is the right choice.