Butterick B5745

Photo by Matt Salvo

I made this to wear at my sister-in-law’s wedding.

There are a lot of pieces to cut out, but it comes together fairly quickly. Especially the second time. And if one follows the directions.

The fabric is “Yarn Dyed Handkerchief 100% Linen Fabric 4.5-oz” in color 28 (mint) from nyfashioncenterfabrics.com and was just right for this project.

I added a lining, and did the top-stitching by hand.

Truly, it is a beautiful piece. Great for dancing on one of the best days.

Made to Measure – 6244 spotting

I love my sewing machine. But, I also love to knit while watching TV. I’ve slowly been making my way through all of the episodes of Midsomer Murder that Netflix has.


While recently catching an episode called “Made to Measure,” it seemed like each character in the village featured a sewing machine in their home. And in one, there was one that looked just like mine!

Invisible Zipper Foot and Skirt

My cherished sewing machine didn’t have an invisible zipper foot, so I stopped by my local shop to pick one up. They provided one that they thought was a match for my snap-on, slant shank setup. But, it did not, in fact, snap on.

I completed one skirt just by balancing the foot as I sewed. Even then, it was better than using the normal zipper foot.

I returned to my local shop and picked up a spare ankle. I used E3000 to attach it to the invisible zipper foot, and I haven’t looked back since.

While visiting San Jose last September, I couldn’t pass up this kimono voile. A maximum of one yard was just in my price range, and I knew it was destined for a skirt with an invisible zipper.

This is my third time making this skirt since deciding to return to making more of my clothes.

The pattern is New Look 6843 view A, but I’ve added a lining, deepened the waistband, and adapted it to effortlessly use an invisible zipper (using this tutorial from Colette). Next time I’ll lengthen it a bit, and it will be just right.

Winding a Bobbin

A dear colleague asked to borrow a bobbin this week. I knew we had similar machines, so I recorded a quick video to go with it as a reference. Here you can a see a little bit of my beloved 6244 (along with the green tape I’m currently using as a quarter-inch guide!).


By making this video I learned a lot. I haven’t used the thread guide post during winding (only the tension disc). I will now! And, I found that my manual has different instructions for raising the bobbin thread (the video features how my grandma taught me on this machine). I’ll try it with those instructions next (with the slide plate closed)!